✍️ What to note down from the London Smart Voice Summit

The whole Smartly.ai team would like to thank you for making the 2nd edition of the Smart Voice Summit a success! The event took place in London on June 21st, gathering representatives from the voice community along with other voice enthusiasts. Speakers from Smartly.ai, Google, Amazon, BBC, Opearlo and more shared their insights in forms of keynotes and panel sessions. Following the event’s hashtag #SVS18, attendees or not, people were able to share their reviews and we were glad to receive much positive feedback about the event. Let’s check out some of the key takeaways from this summit!


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With the society’s rapid-changing technological advancement, it’s safe to say that Voice plays a vital role in doing so. By facing serious challenges and overcoming them, this event’s theme was focused on Pushing the Voice Industry Forward, in which everyone was favouring for.


SVS London Kane

The host for this edition of the SVS was Kane Simms, Host on VUX World, who has an awesome podcast in which he publishes new interviews every week. You should definitely check it out, we guarantee you that you won’t regret it!


SVS London


The Smart Voice Summit kicked off with Ben Sauer, who demonstrated how to Find your Use Case. Looking at the context of the problem, brainstorming the solutions and focusing on a good one, all whilst considering customer services, user research, brand creativity and the future.


SVS London Alice


Alice Zimmermann, UK Google Strategic Partner Development Manager, held the topic of Focusing on Actions. Bonus features, such as being polite and charming, remembering the users last interaction and planning entry and exit actions.


SVS London Max


And according to Max Amordeluso, Amazon’s Alexo Chief EU Evangelist, Alexa should be Everywhere, as voice is mainly built for old people and kids, since they are the most engaged markets, and it is there to help them.


SVS London Hemal et Chakib

Chakib Labidi (User-centered Design Consultant), Hemal Gill (Consumer Insights & User Researcherer)


People’s relationships with their voice assistants starts really well. They discover its good functions but then lose interest, until some social occasion encourages them to play with the device again, and this happens in a loop. Every action should include a feedback loop where the consumer can feel part of the process of making the action/skill better. Hemal Gill and Chakib Labidi’s keynote, Qualitative Insight into Voice Users, concluded that voice is vital for building relationships. You can find the presentation here, and you can contact them for further observations!


SVS London Panel

Kane Simms (VUX World, Host), Jessica Williams (Opearlo, Co-Founder & CEO), Ben Sauer (Consultant), Hemal Gill (Consumer Insights & User Researcher), Vlad Landau (eBusiness Institute, Head of Customer Experience; Voice & Vision)

#Conversational Experiences

Voice professionals from across different fields participated in this panel, which held topics related to User Experience, Privacy, Trust, Challenges and the Improvements that should be made.

Points included the ways of designing voice in a way for it to be natural, taking into matter that it is for everyone. It is essential to build solutions and personalize it, regardless of the age and abilities. It’s vital to explore the integration of voice and vision technologies for a richer immersive experience and a better contextual understanding.


SVS London Hicham

Hicham Tahiri, Smartly.ai CEO and Co-Founder, during the launching of the DAA

#Launching of the Digital Assistant Alliance

The event was concluded by the launching of the DAA, a global non-profit association. It is created by several visionary companies, with the goal of driving the best conversational user experience, everywhere and on every device, regardless of brand. Click here to know more about it!



Thank you to all of you who have attended and to everyone who has supported the event in different ways!

The Paris edition of the Smart Voice Summit is coming back bigger and better and we can’t wait to see you all again!

And a big thank you to Paige Hobart’s insights on this article!

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☎️ Voice Technology EVENT: The Smart Voice Summit, London, 21st June


The Smartly.ai team held its first Smart Voice Summit in Paris, which was the first event ever dedicated to voice assistants in Europe. Following the success of the first voice technology event, we are happy to announce that the 2nd edition of the SVS is coming back on the 21st of June 2018, in London.


voice tech event london SVS AI

What is the event about?

This event will bring together the industry’s leading solution providers to get insights on the latest research and product development of everything voice, in the form of keynotes, tables, workshops and network opportunities.


Speech is the most natural way for humans to interact. There’s no denying that digital assistants have become vital players in our day-to-day lives, whether we use them in our homes, cars, mobiles, or brands. That is why, we are delighted to see the expansion of the voice ecosystem.

What makes this SVS stand-out?

This Smart Voice Summit will set a remarkable date with the release of its Digital Assistant Alliance (DAA). The DAA is a global non-profit association, created by several visionary companies. The goal is to drive the best conversational user experience, everywhere and on every device, regardless of brand.

SVS Vision?

The main SVS is held in the heart of Paris, having several summits branch out in the major capital cities, such as London. The purpose of this expansion is to live up to our vision and push the voice industry forward, by gathering the different key players of the Voice Industry from around the globe and work hand-in-hand.


To know more about the event and to get your ticket, visit the SVS website