📍 Smartlly.ai and Rosbeef! creates the interactive City Guide #evianLovesParis

Smartly.ai can be proud to say that they made bots project which they were passionate about reflecting a fresh, timeless and trendy vision. In partnership with Rosbeef! for evian© Smartly.ai succeeded to create the perfect Paris City Guide chatbot.

A out of the box and young chatbot about Paris

The chatbot is a interactive guide inspired by the city which is the reflection of a vibrant and curious brand as evian© tend to be.

The City Guide lists more than a hundred of the young and trendy must-see places in Paris identified by Le Bonbon©. The app provides the best spots in Paris for restaurants, shopping or cultural outings.

Messenger City Guide

Forget about paper guides or endless researches for the best spots in Paris. The only thing to do to start the experience is to be connected to the brand Facebook page via Messenger or flash the QR code on the water bottles (5 millions water bottles have been released).


In charge of tech development, Smartly.ai (reference solution for chat and voice apps building) created a Messenger chatbot providing geo-tracking features which makes able users to go directly to the address chosen. Available in French and English, the chatbot targets young working person and families from Paris as well as tourists.



🌠Smartly.AI enhances the We Are Tennis voice experience

BNP Paribas Group launched, months ago, We Are Tennis (media dedicated to tennis lovers) on Google Home. The group was amongst the leaders to be convinced by this Voice Revolution which is moving forward and it is with fervor and trust that BNP Paribas gets involved with Smartly.ai, once again.

The main goal? Make the voice app more human, alive and entertaining !


We Are Tennis
Talk with We Are Tennis (available only in French)


Enhanced experience

It is no longer about simply giving a player’s location in real time or matchs’ scores.The interaction with the users evolves towards an enhanced and more interactive experience. In collaboration with the BNP Paribas Group, Smartly.ai was able to develop a friendly, participative and recreational media by including quizzes, weekly anecdotes and exclusive audio contents.


New features

The  gamification of voice applications is growing bigger day by day and offers a capital gain by winning the customer’s loyalty. The exchange between the user and the voice application is no longer unilateral, the user is now participating to the conversation and test his knowledge with the quizz by recognizing the players holler. We Are Tennis is able, once again, to diversify itself from other medias by adding a gaming section.

The gaming section is not the only update, the website contents and the player’s descriptions are transcribed in the immaculate editorial style of the brand. The interaction with a hint of humor is transformed making it perspicacious and empathic.

Go test the application ! (available only in French)



🏦Smartly.ai launches the first banking chatbot in the UEMOA zone


Banque Atlantique collaborated with Smartly.ai to launch ARY, the first banking chatbot in the UEMOA region, which was released on the 4th of April 2018.


ARY, the Pioneer Bot

It cannot be emphasized enough that Banque Atlantique is making some breakthroughs with the ARY bot. Available on Banque Atlantique’s website (https://www.banqueatlantique.net/ ) and on Facebook Messenger, ARY is able to understand the requests of prospects and clients of the bank, and respond in a personalized manner, due to its artificial intelligence engine. What’s at stake? To propose a new client experience, thanks to a strongly increased reactivity.

With the launch of the ARY bot, Banque Atlantique acts as a forerunner in its geographical area, an example that will most likely be followed by others.

Moreover, Banque Atlantique has joined the closed club of the dozens of banks who have bet on the deployment of this technology at the regional level to act in a more immediate and efficient manner in the management of banking.

In collaboration with Smartly.ai, Banque Atlantique has demonstrated its capacity of collaborating with an innovative company and mobilize a team which is dispersed over 9 countries, to deliver an Artificial Intelligence project within a period of 3 months.


The Age of Digital Proximity

At a time of increased digitalization of services, Banque Atlantique aims to establish a privileged relationship with its clients, while profiting from the remarkable advances offered by the digital and artificial intelligence.

The subsidiary of the BCP group holds in its ADN the value of proximity and engage a process of fidelity, all thanks to the ARY bot.

ARY will be led to evolve with time but it currently offers the basic services, starting from simple information inquiry of the product to the simulation of credit.

A few days after the launch, about 10,000 persons had requested the bot about one of the 50 themes it is able to answer.

Banque Atlantique, with this initiative, positions itself as a bank firmly digital and anticipates the arrival of Artificial Intelligence to the African continent. Habib Koné (General Director of the BCP holding group, Atlantic Business International), affirms:

“ The utilization of Artificial Intelligence is part of the BCP Group innovation strategy which guarantees and searches permanently for new ways of improving the quality of service”.


Banque Atlantique, a subsidiary of the BCP Group (Banque Centrale Populaire), is the 3rd biggest banking group in the UEMOA zone (Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine).


🎓The Smartly Academy: Become a Bot Master!

It’s not that simple for brands to create and succeed a chatbot or voicebot. In fact most bots fails. The Smartly AI came up with the Smartly Academy to help brands design successfully their bot solution. An untraditional back to school program to train brands on methods and processes to develop a bot strategy.



Brands are mainly focused on the development part of the process forgetting about the design which appears to be the most important thing to care about. The Smartly AI team believes in a motto: “A GOOD DESIGN FOR A BETTER BOT”, a successful bot lies on 90% of design and 10% development. Once you get that, everything is possible and bots will be this strong added-value you need to improve your customer experience. It is no news that quality matters over quantity, your bots can have the best developments on the market but you won’t get the outcome expected without a great design and the Smartly Academy gives you all the keys to get that.



The Smartly AI team have built 40 chatbots and voice apps over the past 5 years which make the Smartly Academy an expert in town. We have valuable experience and knowledge for us to share with brands and they definitely need that to create the best bots. All the skills needed will be displayed throughout our different training courses from bot design to bot project selling:

Main courses

  • Design your bot
  • Create your bot
  • Plan, deliver and improve your bot

Optional courses

  • Adding voice to your bot
  • Machine Learning for bots
  • Sell a bot project

You will benefit a thorough follow-up through: guidance, design, application and bot training. Each module is eligible for a dedicated certification, if you complete all of them, you will be certified as Bot Master by the Smartly Academy and get this awesome degree!





The training courses are mainly for brands and partners but there are also available for developers, system integrators or digital agencies.




In our new e-learning platform, which is currently in an invite mode only. Training courses will be giving out depending on your needs and expectations as well as the training length.

On site:

Our bot trainers can come to train your team.

Interested? Shoot us an email with your location details to get a quote and your access!