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🔊Introducing Audicons

The way we are interacting with our digital worldwill be completely changed with the rise of voice assistants such as Alexa or Assistant. We created Smartly.AI to make this transition easier for developers while pushing the horizons of Conversational AI. The

🌱La Cool Co. a smart environmental assistant powered by Alexa!

At, we love to showcase cool hackers pushing the limits of conversational AI. Today we are excited to present you La Cool Co. it’s vision and how they are using Alexa to give a voice to your plants! Grow

💪🏻 Are you ready to hire an AI?

Let’s face it – the super-intelligent AI takeover that many are fearing is not for today. We may all lose against Watson at Jeopardy, and AlphaGo is the champion when it comes to Go but… those cool marketing campaigns are far from the holy grail

👍 Congratulations for your chatbot Mr President !

Yesterday, the White House released a brand new chatbot. 🙂 Why? One remarkable habit of @Potus has been reading 10 letters a day since he was elected. This allows him to get the pace of the nation from the inside. I

🚀 Introducing

From day 1, Our vision was to allow people to communicate with their devices as naturally as they would with each other. When Amazon Echo was released we created Alexa Designer, an all-in-one platform to create voice-based applications for Alexa. Today, est un logiciel d’automatisation de la Relation Client.
Nos chatbots soulagent vos équipes, réduisent le temps de réponse et améliorent la satisfaction client.



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