🗯 INFOGRAPHIC: Top Google Home Actions by category

Google’s smart speaker Google Home is on a world conquest! In addition to the US, Canada, the UK and Germany, it was recently launched in France and Australia. An increasing number of companies are developing voice applications for this smart speaker in order to better reach new and existing customers.

Amazon Alexa is still far ahead from the competition with its 15 000 skills but it is just a matter of time before Google Home catches up.

Take a closer look at some of the Top Google Home Actions available, which we have tested and classified by category!


best google actions



Listen to all of your favorite songs, radios and podcasts in streaming for free and “unlimited”


Google Play Music

Listen to songs adapted to your current activity or mood by launching radios associated to titles, artists or albums or use the musical rankings.


Spotify Music

Listen to your music anytime and anywhere. Create your own playlist with your favorite tunes or discover new ones by choosing a playlist already made.


Food and Drinks


This action allows you to order a pizza by only using your Google Home and your voice.


Food Network

Access to a huge collection of recipes created by your Food Network chefs and learn how to cook new meals and desserts


My Wine Guide

Have your own virtual sommelier helping you choose a the most convenient wine for your meal.


Tender Cocktails

Have your own virtual bartender recommending you cocktails based on what you like and dislike, what you have on hand and what you are in the mood for.




This character can read your mind and guess who you are thinking about when you answer his specific questions.



You can play world’s greatest word game with this app!



Listen to an extract and guess what is the song title and who is the singer as fast as you can.


Tic Tac Toe

A classic game!




Access fast, accurate and actionable business news, financial information and market data



Use this action when you want to know what is happening in the world and get the global news gathering power of CNN



Access to the principal news source for millennials and stay informed about the latest stories


The Wall Street Journal

Stay up to date with all the finance actualities and get the latest headlines and interactive features from the Wall Street Journal



Create custom voice commands and start controlling your house only by using your voice


IFTTT (If This Then That)

This action helps you do more with the services you love by automating various daily tasks for different web services, mobile apps or connected objects.


My Day

Start your day the right way and wake up and hear the information you need without going online or opening your calendar.



Manage your task, anytime and anywhere, by creating your own list, plan everything  in advance and don’t miss a thing.


Smart Home

August Home

Control your front door just by using your Google Home and your voice!



Control the temperature of your house with your voice.


Philips Hue

With Google Home and Philips Hue you can easily adjust your lights with your voice.


Smart Things

This action lets you easily control, monitor, and secure your home from anywhere in the world.


Streaming devices

Google ChromeCast

Diffuse your favourite entertainments on your TV or your favourite songs on your speakers


Play to Sony TV

Stream Photos, Music & Videos from 150+ websites, your phone or other media servers to your big screen.


Philips TV Remote

This action can replace your traditional remote. Change the TV channel, turn up the sound and more just with your voice.



This action allows you to easily share the media content to your TV and watch the content on TV using its FollowMe TV technology.


Travel & transport


Find flights, hotels and car hire for a good price, this action suggest you different options based on a hundred travel websites



Ask your Google Home to order you an Uber.


Videos and photos

Google Photos

Your photos and videos are all saved and organized automatically  into a gallery to allow you to find and share them easily



Discover content viewed all around the world: from popular video clips to video games news passing by the latest actualities and more!



Watch instantly a thousand films and TV shows included in your subscription.



FitStar Personal Trainer

Stay in shape with this action’s dynamic programs adapted to your objectives and aptitudes



Find any lyrics of your favorite songs or just read musical actualities.



Learn easily how to do everything with the world’s biggest manual.


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