🚀Google to Sponsor The Smart Voice Summit

We are delighted to announce that Google will be the platinum sponsor of the Smart Voice Summit 2018! Taking place on the 1st and 2nd February in Paris, the Smart Voice Summit is the first event dedicated to smart speakers in Europe and aims to give business all the vital information they need in order to launch and succeed their voice strategies in 2018!

A voice pioneer

The Internet (and voice) giant entered the smart speaker market in November 2016 with its first device and announced just this week at CES the arrival of 4 smart screens to add to its collection of devices. In Q4 alone the company sold 7.6 million smart speakers and brands such as Sephora, Accor Hotels, CNN, Domino’s, Kayak and Spotify have created Google Actions in order to better connect with, and enhance the experiences of, customers using these devices.

In addition to a special voice first keynote by a surprise guest, Google will also be running a design sprint workshop for conversational interfaces!

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voice professionals and industry trailblazers

Major brands pioneering voice such as the BBC, Sephora, SNCF and Boulanger will also be in attendance at the event to outline the value that their respective voice first strategies have created. There will also be industry specific panel session: Voice for Banking, Voice for Retail, Voice for Media, Voice for Transport, addressing sector specific voice use cases, challenges and results. Click here for more information on the programme!


Make sure your voice strategy is on point for 2018, take advantage of our new year promo price and reserve your spot now!