From day 1,

Our vision was to allow people to communicate with their devices as naturally as they would with each other.

When Amazon Echo was released we created Alexa Designer, an all-in-one platform to create voice-based applications for Alexa.
Today, this product is used by hundreds of developers around the world. As our ambition is beyond a specific device, we couldn’t stop there.

Conversational interfaces are booming to more and more platforms.
Siri is now opened to third-party apps, Google Home is coming, and chatbots are taking over mobile apps.
It is time for us to develop our offer, to extend it to something smarter and more universal.

As our product is radically evolving, so will its name. Introducing!

             â€¢ “Smartly” and the extension “.ai” reflect our shift to AI.
             â€¢ The name is versatile enough to remain relevant for a while.
             â€¢ The brand was available! ðŸ˜‰

Now, let’s have a look at the logo!

First, we took a circle as a basis for our icon as most of the popular personal assistants are round. We wanted to start from something familiar.

Then we added openings to illustrate the company’s open-mindedness and desire to communicate with the world.
The different sizes of the 3 parts represent motion while also symbolizing teamwork and unity.

Pretty nice isn’it?

We then picked a modern, light and smooth font for the textual part of the logo, and here are some variations of the result.

Now, what’s next?

Let’s smartly connect your business to the world… with a touch of AI!

For developers: More Conversational AI, more platforms, more fun!
For businesses: More tools to reconnect with your users!

We hope you will join us in our journey! ðŸš€ est un logiciel d’automatisation de la Relation Client.
Nos chatbots soulagent vos équipes, réduisent le temps de réponse et améliorent la satisfaction client.



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