🏦Smartly.ai launches the first banking chatbot in the UEMOA zone


Banque Atlantique collaborated with Smartly.ai to launch ARY, the first banking chatbot in the UEMOA region, which was released on the 4th of April 2018.


ARY, the Pioneer Bot

It cannot be emphasized enough that Banque Atlantique is making some breakthroughs with the ARY bot. Available on Banque Atlantique’s website (https://www.banqueatlantique.net/ ) and on Facebook Messenger, ARY is able to understand the requests of prospects and clients of the bank, and respond in a personalized manner, due to its artificial intelligence engine. What’s at stake? To propose a new client experience, thanks to a strongly increased reactivity.

With the launch of the ARY bot, Banque Atlantique acts as a forerunner in its geographical area, an example that will most likely be followed by others.

Moreover, Banque Atlantique has joined the closed club of the dozens of banks who have bet on the deployment of this technology at the regional level to act in a more immediate and efficient manner in the management of banking.

In collaboration with Smartly.ai, Banque Atlantique has demonstrated its capacity of collaborating with an innovative company and mobilize a team which is dispersed over 9 countries, to deliver an Artificial Intelligence project within a period of 3 months.


The Age of Digital Proximity

At a time of increased digitalization of services, Banque Atlantique aims to establish a privileged relationship with its clients, while profiting from the remarkable advances offered by the digital and artificial intelligence.

The subsidiary of the BCP group holds in its ADN the value of proximity and engage a process of fidelity, all thanks to the ARY bot.

ARY will be led to evolve with time but it currently offers the basic services, starting from simple information inquiry of the product to the simulation of credit.

A few days after the launch, about 10,000 persons had requested the bot about one of the 50 themes it is able to answer.

Banque Atlantique, with this initiative, positions itself as a bank firmly digital and anticipates the arrival of Artificial Intelligence to the African continent. Habib Koné (General Director of the BCP holding group, Atlantic Business International), affirms:

“ The utilization of Artificial Intelligence is part of the BCP Group innovation strategy which guarantees and searches permanently for new ways of improving the quality of service”.


Banque Atlantique, a subsidiary of the BCP Group (Banque Centrale Populaire), is the 3rd biggest banking group in the UEMOA zone (Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine).