šŸ“ˆ A new monitoring tool for Alexa Skills!

HiĀ there,

Once we publishedĀ Music Quiz, ourĀ first Alexa skill,Ā we quickly wanted to see how it was performing. We quickly discovered that we had to put in place a logging system and then thatĀ navigating through all the data generated by an Alexa skill was a nightmare.

To get more transparency and true actionable insights,
we decided to build a tool that would allow us to:

ā‡’ know exactly what’s going onĀ between our skillsĀ and our users,
ā‡’ find and fix bugsĀ and
ā‡’ enhance the user experienceĀ 

After weeks of work, here is the dashboard we have finally built:


TheĀ Logs section, Ā which allows you to search for specific sessions.

User logs

We are also bringing out specialized analytics for conversational apps.
You can see it as “Google Analytics” for Alexa.



Awesome, but… Can I use it for my skills?
Sure!Ā All you have to do is log to Alexa Designer andĀ install a small tracker code in your lambda function.

The Vocal AppsĀ TeamĀ 

PS:Ā If you have privacy concerns, contact us so you can have everythingĀ installed in your server.