👥EVENT: The Smart Voice Summit, Paris, 1st – 2nd February

Smartly AI is delighted to announce that it will hosting The Smart Voice Summit, the first event dedicated to voice assistants in Europe, in Paris on the 1st – 2nd February 2018.

Voice Technology Event

The event, which is the first of its kind in Europe, will unite the voice ecosystem over the course of two days in order to discuss trends, challenges and the future of the voice industry in the form of keynotes, roundtables, workshops and networking opportunities.


Digital assistants are disrupting our world, from how we shop and interact with our favourite brands, to how we drive our cars and organise our holidays. Companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are doing everything possible to spur this voice driven future.  It is clear that voice interaction is here to stay and represents the next major interface for humans to interact with their devices. Irrelevant of industry, businesses should be incentivised to create a voice application in order to keep up with this major technology paradigm shift and meet their customer’s’ expectations. Voice applications can be used in a large number of contexts: to get information on a product or company, to enhance customer experiences and improve existing procedures, in addition to offering opportunities for scale and personalisation and driving engagement.

Numerous organisations have already launched their voice strategy, however, there is still room to innovate the space and create a unique vocal experience for your industry. The Smart Voice Summit will provide attendees with all the information they need to do exactly this. Through keynotes, roundtables and workshops, attendees will understand the importance of creating a voice experience, as well as how to design intelligent voice applications to meet specific use case, and create an effective voice strategy.

The program

Day one

Focus: Voice and business

Listen to voice professionals and industry trailblazers who are already seeing the success of their voice strategy. In addition to keynotes, listen to industry specific debates around voice applications, their challenges and advantages.

Day two

Focus: Voice and design

Participate in interactive workshops with Voice Designers in order to understand the best practices of voice design in order to create stand out voice applications that achieve your goals.

Who should attend

Day 1: Anyone wanting to better understand the benefits of voice for their business and how to implement a successful voice strategy.

Day 2: Voice designers wanting to perfect their voice applications.

When and where?

1st-2nd February

Day 1: BNP, 14 Rue Bergère, 75009 Paris

Voice Technology Event

Day 2:  WAI, 19 boulevard Poissonnières 75002 Paris

Take advantage of our early bird rate and get your ticket now!