🌠Smartly.AI enhances the We Are Tennis voice experience

BNP Paribas Group launched, months ago, We Are Tennis (media dedicated to tennis lovers) on Google Home. The group was amongst the leaders to be convinced by this Voice Revolution which is moving forward and it is with fervor and trust that BNP Paribas gets involved with Smartly.ai, once again.

The main goal? Make the voice app more human, alive and entertaining !


We Are Tennis
Talk with We Are Tennis (available only in French)


Enhanced experience

It is no longer about simply giving a player’s location in real time or matchs’ scores.The interaction with the users evolves towards an enhanced and more interactive experience. In collaboration with the BNP Paribas Group, Smartly.ai was able to develop a friendly, participative and recreational media by including quizzes, weekly anecdotes and exclusive audio contents.


New features

The  gamification of voice applications is growing bigger day by day and offers a capital gain by winning the customer’s loyalty. The exchange between the user and the voice application is no longer unilateral, the user is now participating to the conversation and test his knowledge with the quizz by recognizing the players holler. We Are Tennis is able, once again, to diversify itself from other medias by adding a gaming section.

The gaming section is not the only update, the website contents and the player’s descriptions are transcribed in the immaculate editorial style of the brand. The interaction with a hint of humor is transformed making it perspicacious and empathic.

Go test the application ! (available only in French)