🎓The Smartly Academy: Become a Bot Master!

It’s not that simple for brands to create and succeed a chatbot or voicebot. In fact most bots fails. The Smartly AI came up with the Smartly Academy to help brands design successfully their bot solution. An untraditional back to school program to train brands on methods and processes to develop a bot strategy.



Brands are mainly focused on the development part of the process forgetting about the design which appears to be the most important thing to care about. The Smartly AI team believes in a motto: “A GOOD DESIGN FOR A BETTER BOT”, a successful bot lies on 90% of design and 10% development. Once you get that, everything is possible and bots will be this strong added-value you need to improve your customer experience. It is no news that quality matters over quantity, your bots can have the best developments on the market but you won’t get the outcome expected without a great design and the Smartly Academy gives you all the keys to get that.



The Smartly AI team have built 40 chatbots and voice apps over the past 5 years which make the Smartly Academy an expert in town. We have valuable experience and knowledge for us to share with brands and they definitely need that to create the best bots. All the skills needed will be displayed throughout our different training courses from bot design to bot project selling:

Main courses

  • Design your bot
  • Create your bot
  • Plan, deliver and improve your bot

Optional courses

  • Adding voice to your bot
  • Machine Learning for bots
  • Sell a bot project

You will benefit a thorough follow-up through: guidance, design, application and bot training. Each module is eligible for a dedicated certification, if you complete all of them, you will be certified as Bot Master by the Smartly Academy and get this awesome degree!





The training courses are mainly for brands and partners but there are also available for developers, system integrators or digital agencies.




In our new e-learning platform, which is currently in an invite mode only. Training courses will be giving out depending on your needs and expectations as well as the training length.

On site:

Our bot trainers can come to train your team.

Interested? Shoot us an email with your location details to get a quote and your access!