✅A look back on Viva Tech 2017

Viva Tech 2017: Check ✅, and what a great event it was! Three days jam packed with pitches, demos, stimulating exchanges and, of course, innovation, innovation and more innovation! The hype in anticipation for the imminent arrival of internet connected speakers, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, in France was high, with companies of all sizes wanting to get ahead of the game and discuss how developing a voice application on our platform can propel their business. Here’s a quick look back on the event and what it brought for us!

Smartly AI at Viva Tech 2017
The Smartly AI team were present over the 3 day event, which welcomed more than 50 000 people.

AI takes center stage

The second edition of Viva Technology brought together the very best of tech, uniting established corporations and startups on an international level. Artificial intelligence was one of the major themes at this year’s edition! From robots to chatbots to the predictive applications using big data, AI applications seemed endless. During the event McKinsey revealed the latest results of their study regarding the adoption of artificial intelligence, confirming that AI has indeed broken through into business. Investment in the area is gaining impressive sums of between 20 and 30 billion dollars for a total of 42 acquisitions in 2016, compared to “only” 15 in 2015.

Accor’s Innovation Lab

One sector in particular where AI took centre stage was tourism! Smartly.AI was delighted to be selected to participate in Accor Hotels’ Innovation Lab! This year was the first year that we exhibited at Viva Tech and in addition to showcasing our bot building platform, the event also offered us the opportunity to pitch our solution in front of Accor’s panel of judges and explain how our solution can add new value to AccorHotels’ customer and staff experience!

Smartly AI’s CEO and co-founder, Hicham Tahiri, pitches the solution in front of Accor’s jury

We were also lucky enough to be selected to pitch at the Paris Region, where we illustrated the advantages our solution brings to all sectors! 

Perfect timing for Smartly AI

Google has officially announced the arrival of Google Home in France this summer, and other tech giants have followed suit announcing they will launch their digital voice assistants early next year, all of which is generating a substantial amount of buzz! With the arrival of voice imminent, many companies approached us at the event to discuss the advantages of developing a voice application on our platform. As we have been advocates of voice since 2012, we were delighted to see that it is catching on in our home company and on the verge of sky rocketing!

Smartly AI one of the 50 startups to watch!

Smartly AI was also delighted to be selected by as one of the 50 startups to watch by the Hub Institute!

Thanks to this classification we were able to participate in the innovation tours, organised by HUB institute, and give live demos of our solution to selected major players, from a variety of sectors!

Smartly AI Viva Tech Tour 2017
The Smartly AI Team in action at the Viva Tech Tour, organised by the Hub Institute.

The Smartly AI Team in action at the Viva Tech Tour, organised by the Hub Institute

A big thank you

A big thank you to everyone involved in our participation and the success of this event! Thank you to everyone who called by our stand, took an interest in our platform and exchanged with us! A big thank you also to Accor Hotels, Paris Region and, of course, Hub Institute.

If you didn’t get chance to meet us at the event and want a free demo, get in touch with us and we will organise it ASAP: hello@smartly.ai

See you next year 😉 !