⭐Succeed your voice strategy with Smartly AI’s partnership program

During the first edition of the Smart Voice Summit, Smartly AI revealed their Partnership Program, an ecosystem of voice first professionals to help brands succeed their voice strategy.

Voice strategy

William Bailey, Smartly AI’s partnership director, revealing the Partnership Program at the Smart Voice Summit.

With the virtual digital assistant software market expected to reach $7.7 billion and 1 billion users in 2025, having a voice strategy is fast becoming a requirement, as opposed to an option. As a result an increasing number of brands are looking to launch a voice application.

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With more voice devices making their way into our homes, brands need to look more closely at how they create voice experiences in order to ensure that they bring real value to the end user. Creating a stand out voice application and launching a successful voice strategy is not always simple and requires several skill sets.

Beyond developing the voice application itself, the conversation of the application needs to be well designed. This voice first interface is different to a graphical one, and the conversational path must be carefully considered in order for the application to be successful. In addition to all this, the application must complement and reinforce the brand’s image in order to become an integral part of the omni-channel marketing strategy.

Smartly AI’s Partnership Program unites technical, voice design and brand professionals in one place. As every voice project is different, Smartly AI will analyse each brand’s requirements and put the brand in contact with the right partner(s) to make sure that they succeed their voice strategy.

Got a voice project? Tell us more and let us connect you with the right voice experts! Head over to our partner page and select “Find a Partner”.


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