🎾We Are Tennis releases its first Google Action with Smartly AI, just in time for the Davis Cup

We Are Tennis, a sub-brand of BNP Paribas, has created its first Google Action in collaboration with Smartly AI. The We Are Tennis Google Action enables tennis super fans to get all the latest match results, upcoming matches and key statistics concerning their favorite players.

We Are Tennis Google Action

We Are Tennis, a website 100% dedicated to tennis, is making spectating tennis even more fun and  interactive for fans by enabling them to get key information on the top 100 male and female players using their most natural interface: voice!

Wondering when Nadal’s next match is, want to know Halep’s ranking or maybe you’re watching Tsonga play and you want to know his key stats, simply tell your Google Home “parler avec We Are Tennis” and ask away, you don’t have to take your eyes of the screen!


Conversational applications make it easier and more convenient for brands and customers to interact. More and more homes, cars and workplaces possess a smart speaker, Strategy Analytics predicts that 24 million smart speakers will be shipped in 2017 on a global level, representing a 300% increase on the previous year. By 2018 Gartner estimates 30% of interactions with smart machines will occur by voice, showing that voice interaction takes the crown of mobile and represents the next major interface for people to interact with their devices. Freshly arrived in France this summer; Google now offers of 3 different types of Google Home speakers for our living rooms. Expected to be THE Christmas gift of 2017, the race is on for brands to create their Action on Google in order to keep up with innovation and offer customers amazing, seamless experiences possible over all channels.

Smartly AI is thrilled to have collaborated with We Are Tennis to help them become one of the first companies in France to create an Action on this platform, positioning them as a voice pioneer in the industry. We Are Tennis is a sub-brand of BNP Paribas. BNP Parisbas has been a close ally of Smartly AI from the early days; we are part of their startup programme and they are a shareholder, therefore, collaborating on their (and our) first Action is a milestone moment in our two companies’ histories.

The timing of the voice application’s release is perfectly synchronised with BNP Paribas’ Davis Cup final!. Get more out of the tournament by activating the Google Action!